GMSBGauge-Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking
GMSBGranjas Marinas San Bernardo (Spanish; Honduran marine farming company)
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Compared with gravity mediated SUSY breaking, GMSB has two obvious advantages:
However, the status of minimal GMSB has been challenged after the discovery of SM-like Higgs boson with a mass of 125 GeV [3, 4].
In above expressions, we do not include the contributions from usual GMSB (thus is labeled by [delta][m.sup.2.sub.ab]) and all of indices are summed over except for a and b.
Shih, "Surveying extended GMSB models with [m.sub.h] = 125 GeV," Journal of High Energy Physics, vol.
Tabela 2--Consumo de materia seca (CMS) e de fibra em detergente neutro (CFDN) em 24 horas; producao media diaria de leite (PL); tempo medio despendido com alimentacao (TA), ruminacao (TR), ocio (TO), tempo de mastigacao total (TMT), eficiencias de alimentacao (EAms e EAfdn) e ruminacao (ERms e ERfdn), numero de bolos ruminados (NBR), numero de mastigacoes mericicas por bolo (MMnb), numero de mastigacoes mericicas por dia (MMnd), tempo de mastigacoes mericicas por bolo (MMtb), gramas de materia seca por bolo ruminado (GMSB) e gramas de fibra em detergente neutro por bolo ruminado (GFDNB), em funcao dos niveis de torta de macauba nas dietas de vacas leiteiras.
"Water had overtopped all of GMSB's lagoons and most of the shrimp were washed out to sea," says Mark Eckstein, an IFO environmental specialist.
"We've worked collaboratively with CODDEFFAGOLF and the company to address the specific concerns that were raised," says Eckstein, who explains that at the IFC's behest GMSB has since hired an environmental director to cover all of its operations in Honduras, along with an assistant whose job it is to specifically engage the concerns of local community groups.
While GMSB may be attempting to mitigate the most destructive effects of its operations, environmentalists say the cumulative impacts of the aquaculture industry cannot be avoided, especially where it has grown to the point of stressing the natural carrying capacity of coastal ecosystems.
Axions and gravitino in GMSB model are other examples of very light particles that have not been detected yet [28-30].