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2017), but for much of this time period GMSL was probably accelerating very little because ice sheet melt did not start making a substantial contribution to sea level change until the early 1990s (e.g., Bamber et al.
The GMSL time series presented in Figure 1 includes 1368 monthly averaged data spanning from 1900 to 2013, and the corresponding formal errors are presented in Figure 2, which are available from the web site (
GMSL and DTLA exhibit greater power dissipation than nongated counterparts because pseudorandom sequence has an activity factor of 0.5.
They include: To what extent did climate change contribute to GMSL rise in the past?
Marcus, managing partner of GMSL, said that "partnering with Pinnacle Funding is another way that we can offer our clients added value.
An early section of the GMSL time series from satellite altimetry (1993-99) was updated during 2017 to reflect a reevaluation of an algorithm designed to detect drift in the altimeter measurements due to thermal or other changes in the internal hardware of the instrument (Beckley et al.
Sea level variations and trends during 2015 feature the largest El Nino event since 1997/98, the highest annual average global mean sea level (GMSL) recorded since the altimeter era began in 1993, and reversals in short-term regional trends reflecting the changing state of the PDO and other climate modes.
Ongoing comparisons with satellite gravity (ocean mass) and Argo (ocean heat) observations provide a framework for assessing contributions to global mean sea level (GMSL) trends and fluctuations.