GMSRGreen Mountain Stage Race (bike race; Vermont)
GMSRGreat Miami and Scioto Railway
GMSRGreines Martin Stein Richland (law firm; Los Angeles, CA)
GMSRGold Mining Stock Review (newsletter)
GMSRGunner's Mate, Ship Repair (US Navy)
GMSRGeneral Management Status Review
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Release date- 12082019 - Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) affirms its 'BBB (sf)' ratings to the Series 2018-GT1 Term Notes issued by AMERIHOME GMSR ISSUER TRUST.
The importance of using GMSR is that batsmen's scores are adjusted according to the specific match conditions, which may differ markedly between venues.
In ET the GMSR values play an important role, so one has to work with the RSR values.
Policy positions such as GMSR are never taken lightly by the ATMS Executive, and ATMS sincerely believes that GMSR is in the best interests of all complementary medicine practitioners.
The most common locations for internationalization are neighbouring GMSR countries and, then, China.
ATMS has proposed a co-regulatory model, entitled Government Monitored Self Regulation (GMSR).
Our policy on regulation, Government Monitored Self-Regulation or GMSR, has been clearly determined for some time as is mentioned in our ATMS Policies document written March 2004 as appendix 5.