GMTKGeneral Mechanics Tool Kits (trademark of Craftsman)
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Because of the tight space, use torque wrench, NSN 5120-01-355-1734, and a 16mm socket from the GMTK.
* tools from the multi-capable maintainer drawer have been incorporated into the basic GMTK
NSN 5180-01-502-6332 brings you all the tools needed to change the GMTK (NSN 5180-01-483-0249, CL 5180-95-B47) into the MCMTK (NSN 5180-01-493-1664, CL 5180-95-B74).
5180-01-483-0250, General Mechanics Tool Kit (GMTK) (d)
The toolbox wheels for the general mechanics tool kits (GMTK) and multi-capable maintainers tool kit (MCMTK) have been breaking when the toolbox is rolled over rough ground.
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