GMTSGM Telekom Service India Private Limited (India0
GMTSGood Morning Tri-State (TV show; Cincinnati, OH)
GMTSGilbert Medical Transcription Service (Altamonte Springs, Florida)
GMTSGuided Missile Test Set
GMTSGreat Midwest Train Show (model railroading; Carol Stream, IL)
GMTSGlobal Media & Technology Solutions
GMTSGovernment Miners Training School (South Africa)
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We determined seroreactivity to EV-D68 by GMT calculations for each age and year category and proportions of samples with different neutralizing antibody titers (Figure 1, panel A).
Parenteral delivery of VLPs without an adjuvant did not elicit detectable serum anti-NoV IgA antibodies, but very low serum IgA was observed in 1/5 mice after immunizations with 0.3 [micro]g dose formulated with Al[(OH).sub.3] (GMT =13; 95% CI = 6-27) or MPLA (GMT =11; 95% CI = 8-17) (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
The hSBA responses and GMTs following a single booster dose at approximately 48 months after primary vaccination for the group that received the 2-dose schedule were not statistically different from those of the group that received the 3-dose schedule (Figure 2).
At Day 21 post-vaccination, GMTs in adults were 460.2 (A/H1N1), 338.4 (A/H3N2), 338.4 (B/Yamagata), and 365.9 (B/Victoria), and in older adults were 166.9 (A/H1N1), 306.7 (A/H3N2), 226.3 (B/Yamagata), and 288.6 (B/Victoria) (Fig.
Effect of drugs on Humoral Immune Response was significantly higher in terms of individual antibody titer and Geometric Mean Titer (GMT) as compared to control.
The GMT HI titer of chicken at day 21 was calculated as 59.7.
The second study was a 37-month trial that examined noninferiority of measured geometric mean titer (GMT) concentrations--the metric used for both studies to determine HPV concentration--at 1 month after the last dose in both girls and boys who were on a two-dose regimen, and compared them with young women who received a threedose regimen.
Quando testados frente ao BoHV-5, todos os animais imunizados com as vacinas A, E, F, G e H apresentaram anticorpos neutralizantes (GMTs 1,0 a 4,2), mas tres vacinas (B, C e D) induziram soroconversao parcial (em 70%, 50% e 60% dos animais, respectivamente).
GMTS then synchronised the twin hoists on each crane using encoder feedback and inverter drives.
To curb down the menace of illegal traffic, with the efforts of Ministry of IT, Grey Traffic Monitoring System (GMTS) was installed in October 2013.
< [k.sub.n], the set of GMTs with bottom row ([k.sub.1], ..., [k.sub.n]) is equal to the set of Monotone Triangles with this bottom row: Every GMT with strictly increasing bottom row is by Conditions (1) and (2) a Monotone Triangle.