GMTWGerman Muni and Trial Weekend
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Max Ward, GMTW; Jay Boyce, Bloomer Heaven; Simon Robinson, GBR Phoenix Beard.
Mr Lyons was a partner at Peter Hing and Jones and is now a consultant at the Midlands office of GMTW following the amalgamation of the firm.
Neil Cooper (RBS), Judith Gershon (Eversheds), Patrick Sullivan (Bank of Ireland); Tony Silcock (RBS), Jon Bellfield (Barberry), Martyn Cartwright (Barberry); Allan Wilson (King Sturge), Melissa Wase-Rogers (Industrial), Henry Bellfield (Barberry Devs), James Ingestre (King Sturge); Peter Lever (King Sturge), Maxwell Ward (GMTW Architects), Jonathan Ward (King Sturge), Guy Treharne (Treharne Bell); Above: Jason Adderley, Andrew Hall (Hortons), Ian Cornock (King Sturge), Margaret Hopkins (London & Cambridge Properties).; Left: Michael Brough (King-Sturge), Roger Ahmed (Henry Davidson), Rachel Andrew (King Sturge), Rob Valentine (Bruntwood Estates)