GMVSGreen Mountain Valley School (Waitsfield, VT)
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Finally, the GMVs of the JME patient were compared with the normal control group using two sample t-tests in SPM8.
The preliminary study was a 14-week intervention that linked GMVs with exercise classes to motivate patients diagnosed with a chronic mood disorder to engage in regular PA.
shopping by youngsters helped Flipkart to touch a gross merchandise value ( GMV) of $ 1 billion in March 2014.
Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) had designed a specially modified high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (humvee) known as the ground mobility vehicle (GMV) to provide a fighting platform for the anticipated invasion of Iraq.
A number of companies have expressed interest in pursuing the GMV contract and have participated in platform performance demonstrations hosted by the Army.
If there's a bad guy "with a machine gun and here comes 12 GMVs, that's going to be a very bad day" for us, he said.
SOCOM, meanwhile, plans to buy only about 1,300 GMVs and will continue to use modified Humvees that currently fill that role.
It has stopped measuring success by GMV - its last disclosed GMV was $4.5 billion in August 2015.
The motion vectors in the first row blocks and first column blocks are less precision since the blocks select PMV from GMV of previous frame or the motion vectors of blocks which are not adjacent to them.
That would amount to roughly three times estimates of their gross merchandise volume (GMV), or the value of goods they sell.
In 2013 the United States placed four contracts related to special operations mobility, one in January for Guardian Angels Air Force Combat Search and Rescue units that will succeed the R-1 Rescue All-Terrain Transport (RATT), one in March for the Non-Standard Commercial Vehide, one in August for replacing Socom Humvee-based Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) 1.0 and finally one in October for fulfilling the new requirement for an Internally Transportable Vehide (ITV) that fits inside the V-22 tiltrotor aircraft.
In this paper, we focus on three feature extraction algorithms of the indicator card, which are based on Fourier Descriptors (FD), Geometric Moment Vector (GMV), and Gray Level Matrix Statistics (GLMS), respectively.