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GMYGood Man Yourself
GMYGreenman Technologies, Inc. (former stock symbol; now GMTI)
GMYGlucose-Malt-Yeast Extract
GMYGott Mit You
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Although DMY relates to GMY, it can be observed that the genotypes were different in relation to GMY, but similar as to DMY (Table 1).
Average number of plants per hectare (NP ha), mean values of height (m), in meters, green matter yield (GMY, t ha) and dry matter yield (DMY, t ha) of five millet genotypes.
There were significant differences between the genotypes for CFH, GMY and DMY, as well as for the qualitative and bromatological characteristics of the silage in environment 1 (Table 2).
Vease tambien la consulta sobre capitales, rentas y sueldos en sesion de 10 de enero de 1824, GMY, 384.
Schirmer testi ile en yuksek korelasyon GMY'de olmak uzere her uc GM parametresi de iyi derecede iliskili idi (p<0,05; r>0,5).
Varieties GMY t/ha Cut Cut Cut Cut Alfalfa 3.49 3.33 3.38 2.98 Clitoria 2.63 1.98 2.51 3.95 Fine Cut 8.45 7.25 8.11 8.05 Hay Maker 8.17 7.39 7.83 8.41 Katambora 7.33 6.83 8.54 8.25 Australia Katambora 5.00 5.85 6.62 9.98 Zimbabwe Top Cut 6.39 6.89 8.28 8.12 Grand mean Sig.
If affirmed by the full ITC, the decision would mean that the Customs Service would bar entry of Kool and Lucky Strike gmy market cigarettes at all ports of entry.
All told, we developed five different methods for calibrating and converting GMY images into RGB data.
(89) At a recent hearing on the efforts of the Wyoming Farm Bureau to enjoin restoration of the endangered gmy wolf to Yellowstone Park, a spectator was quoted as observing: "`Course you know it's the New York Jews that are shoving this down our throat." Thomas McNamee, Warring over Wolves, Defenders, Winter 1994/1995, 15 at 17.
On his 2011 album gZuoxiao Zuzhouh was a song called gMy Son's Name Is Qian Yunhuih which was a collaborative effort with Qian's father as its vocalist.
(9,10) Son yillarda gozyasi meniskusu yuksekligi (GMY) olcumu icin gratikul metodu, meniskometri, optik pakimetri gibi bircok yontem gelistirilmistir.
ga gmy A CLAMPDOWN on organised drug gangs has resulted in the arrest of more than 110 people, it emerged yesterday.