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GMZGene Management Zone
GMZGusenichnyy Mino-Zagraditel' (Russian armored track vehicle)
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GMZ began trading on the NYSE on 26 November 2013 and the GER as of 26 September 2014.
Jia, "Competitive adsorption characteristics of Na(I)/Cr(III) and Cu(H)/Cr(IH) on GMZ bentonite in their binary solution," Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, vol.
Founded in 2006, GMZ commercialised technologies that were developed at the labs of MIT and Boston College, and launched the first commercial high temperature modules overcoming significant challenges in integration and packaged for waste heat applications in cars, furnaces and other industrial applications.
GMZ Energy today announced the availability of what it describes as "breakthrough material" designed for a new generation of cleaner, more energy-efficient products.
-- The ReadyBrush prepasted toothbrush was developed and patented by GMZ Associates Ltd.
The results showed that the IC-50 point of gemcitabine (GMZ) was at a concentration of 250[micro]M and that the IC-50 point of daunorubicin (DNR) was at a concentration of 100[micro]M.
John Geanakoplos, Olivia Mitchell, and I (GMZ) have categorized Social Security reforms along three key dimensions: creating individual (defined-contribution) accounts, prefunding Social Security, and diversifying Social Security funds, in particular by investing in equities.(1) GMZ argue that these dimensions are completely separate from each other.
ABSTRACT: Moose (Alces alces) harvest strategies employed within 19 Game Management Zones (GMZ's) of central and northern British Columbia during the mid-1990's were reviewed and evaluated.
Contract notice: Gmz - vascular medical center, 2nd ba - lot 200 scaffolding
GMZ is the preferred source for specialty chemicals and technical expertise throughout the Ohio Valley, Midwest and Northeast regions for coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, composites and methanes.
Zhang, "Evaluation and prediction of the swelling pressures of GMZ bentonites saturated with saline solution," Applied Clay Science, vol.