GNABGuide to New Australian Books
GNABGeorgian National Association of Broadcasters
GNABGridNet Advisory Board
GNABGram Negative Aerobic Bacilli
GNABGlobal New Age Beverages, Inc.
GNABGram-Negative Anaerobic Bacilli
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According to Wolf, what sets GNAB apart from the P2P pack is that it combines centralized and decentralized download.
It is GNAB's centralization that permits it to track its users to make sure content isn't stolen.
However, in order to share in the power and convenience of GNAB's P2P network, one has to become an authorized part of that network through registration.
GNAB, a software platform, enables games, movies, music and ringtones manufacturers and distributors to offer large file downloads, legally, under their own brand names.