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"Our local market expertise and understanding of the borrower's needs allowed the Avison Young Capital Markets team to secure financing for this deal within an extremely tight timeframe," said Gnad.
1997; Faiola 2002), Costa Rica (Rancho Cartagena 1999), Indonesia (Leisch 2003), Lebanon and Saudi Arabia (Glasze and Alkhayyal 2002), Portugal (Raposo 2003), South Africa (Gated communities SA 2003; Jurgens and Gnad 2003; Landman 2003), and Venezuela (Paulin 1997).
1) where the terms "Gesecz" (Law) and "Gnad" (Grace) are boldly painted and plainly visible.
Avison Young Principal George Gnad brought Amboy Bank and B-360 together.
George Gnad, principal at the commercial real estate services company's Morristown Debt & Equity Group, negotiated the loan on behalf of a venture partnership of Red Pine Capital Partners and Double Z Management.
Got, unser getreuer Vatter, vorleycht euch sein geyst, gnad unnd krafft, das ir recht regieren, im guttem bis an das endt verharren und durch Jhesum Christum seligk werden moegkt.
Kumar, F Gnad et al., "Lysine acetylation targets protein complexes and co-regulates major cellular functions," Science, vol.
Tshad ma rnam par nges pa'i 'grel ba / Tshad ma rnam par ges pa'i 'grel bshad yi ge dang rigs pa'i gnad la 'jug pa'i shes rab kyi 'od zer.
George Gnad, Principal in Avison Young's Debt & Equity Group in Morristown, negotiated the loan on behalf of a venture between Red Pine Capital Partners, led by Michael K.
Lus gnas (gnad) yin 'gos rgyus pa'i >bskyus pa'i 'bye zhi > byung bzhis ni shud bu zhi ba 'od gi bu shud bu ser skya ma de/ de bzhin bshegs (>gshegs) pa 'od srungs gi drung du mdo sde sde snod ma lus slabs byas rgya kar >gar shar nub na pra dang tshad ma nga bas 'khas (>mkhas) na med/ shud bu zhi ba 'od tshe'i dus byas/ 'chi yang bu khyod 'gra' ('grab?) yod pas lta The person speaking is Zhi ba 'od, talking to his son,
'Dus pa'i mdo dbang spyi don rgyud lung man ngag gi gnad gsal byed sgron me.