GNAPSGhana National Association of Private Schools
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The district court addressed Verizon's counterclaim in 2008 and held that, under the ICA, GNAP owed Verizon $57,716,714.
According to the agreement, Verizon was to pay a reciprocal fee to GNAP for any local "calls" that were generated through GNAP's ISPs and GNAP was to pay Verizon for any long distance "calls." Id.
The agreement took effect in early 2003 and Verizon immediately began to bill GNAP. Id.
(9) Global NAPs, Inc., 603 F.3d at 79 (stating GNAP was seeking its reciprocal fees under the agreement).
The court ruled against GNAP, thereby leaving Verizon's counterclaim still pending.
Verizon became concerned after attaching GNAP's assets and learning there was less than one million dollars in the company's name.
They lauded FOGET and GNAPS for the initiative to raise and ignite the spirit of patriotism in the youth, so as to make them responsible for their environment.