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GNARRGreat North American RV (Recreational Vehicle) Rally
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By constructing these absurd discourses, Gnarr plays on the efficacy-entertainment braid, which Schechner constitutes between ritual and theatre.
Indeed, from this update up to the present, the site has become more of a venue for dissemination of news, announcements, and snapshots from Gnarr's daily work as Mayor.
During the heyday of the Mayor's activities on Facebook, Gnarr communicates in an intimate tone, giving his Facebook followers insight into the life of a newcomer to municipal politics: 'This work day is finished.
During these first months of the Mayor's Diary, Gnarr keeps blurring the boundaries between the cultural and the political, constituting networked post-bourgeois hybrids in which matters that are traditionally dealt with by decision-taking strong publics merge with opinion formations amongst weak publics.
As mentioned above, Gnarr is initially active and responsive in his communication on the Mayor's Diary.
In these cases, it is Gnarr who is in charge as a performer using similar communicative means as he did during the election campaign and playing deliberately upon Schechner's account of theatrical entertainment.
In this context, it is important to mention that these acts are framed, performed, and posted on Facebook during the first seven months of Gnarr's official term as mayor.
At first, the Best Party, and in particular the Mayor Jon Gnarr, managed to adapt its communicative tactics from the election campaign to the Mayor's Diary on Facebook.
Whilst your typical Welsh bloke uses Facebook to tag drunk pictures of lads on tour and YouTube to watch paragliding gerbils, savvy Reykjavik fella Gnarr has been using social networks to engage with voters and get feedback on difficult decisions.
Okay so Gnarr doesn't have all the answers but who does?