GNATTGeneric Enhanced Teleservice Transport
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(7) Plot the total for each time increment on a cost distribution graph using the Gnatt chart time schedule.
More elaborate incentive plans, such as the Taylor Differential Piece Rate, the Gnatt Task and Bonus Plans, the Halsey and Rowan Premium Plans, and the Bedaux Point System, pay rewards for exceeding specified production quotas.
There are obviously many G's found in Koegler but not in C&M, some important--such as Peter Gennaro, Irina Gensler, Yvonne Georgi, Poul Gnatt, Noel Goodwin, Paul Goube, Tatjana Gsovsky and Jean Guizerix--and others of less moment.
Born Kirsten Gnatt in Baden, Austria, she was the sister of the late Poul Gnatt, also an important dancer and choreographer.
I have known Petit's choreography, and Petit himself, for years--ever since April 9, 1946, when Boris Kochno's Les Ballets des Champs-Elysees came from Paris to open in London, with Petit as principal choreographer and, together with Jean Babilee and Poul Gnatt, one of its leading male dancers.
Poul Gnatt, brother of Kirsten Ralov, was a principal with the Royal Danish Ballet.