GNECGuru Nanak Eye Centre (India)
GNECGlobal Network Enterprise Construct (US DoD)
GNECGuru Nanak Engineering College (India)
GNECGuyana National Engineering Corporation
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The GNEC will leverage network service centres and centrally manage limited network resources (like spectrum and bandwidth) in a decentralised capability, enabling on-demand 'densification' of the network at a particular spot of the battlespace when the mission (or density of users) demands.
The GNEC project developed and distributed educational resources that faculty can use in teaching students including case studies, PowerPoint presentations, and scholarly papers which address the module topics.
When framing ACENET accomplishments against GNEC objectives, the parallels are quickly apparent.
GNEC is the focused, time-phased, prioritized, resource-sensitive Army-wide strategy to transition LandWarNet from many loosely-affiliated independent networks into a truly global capability that is designed, deployed and managed as a single integrated enterprise.
The Chief of Staff of the Army recently said, "Over the next three years, the Army will transform LandWarNet to a centralized, more secure, operationalized, and sustainable network capable of supporting an expeditionary Army in this era of persistent conflict." The GNEC will allow us to do just this by ensuring that the signal regiment is responsive to Warfighter needs in providing premier levels of service.
Over time, the multiple network enclaves that exist today will be brought together under one set of standards and network operating procedures to form a single network enterprise in support of the GNEC.
SUBJECT: The Global Network Enterprise Construct (GNEC)--Transforming LandWarNet