GNEPGlobal Nuclear Energy Partnership (aka Global Nuclear Energy Program)
GNEPGeneralized Nash Equilibrium Problem (gaming strategy modeling tool)
GNEPGeneralized Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problem (mathematics)
GNEPGlobal Nuclear Energy Program (aka Global Nuclear Energy Partnership)
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Teachers provided assessments of children's social skills using the Child Rating Questionnaire (Strayer, 1985) and children's cognitive skills using the Child Development Index Card developed by the Ministry of Education, Government of Guyana (GNEP, undated), also used in Study 1.
Proponents of nuclear power--and of reprocessing in particular--were far from pleased with GNEP's axing, especially in light of Obama's earlier decision to close Yucca Mountain as the U.S.'s future nuclear waste repository.
The GNEP held discussions on whether Australia could reprocess or store nuclear waste from other countries, but found there was no economic justification.
The GNEP proposal can be viewed at
At the other end of the spectrum, the GNEP proposal has interested parties working in concert, with some IAEA oversight and coordination; "multilateral" in this case simply refers to the plurality of participants and the cooperative nature of the effort.
In any case, nonproliferation benefits that might be realized through the technology innovations envisioned by GNEP are probably decades away.
GNEP places a larger requirement on the Americans to reprocess spent cores, partly to reduce waste, and partly to supply new fuel.
DOE's original approach of building engineering-scale facilities would meet GNEP's objectives if the advanced technologies on which it focused can be successfully developed and commercialized.
Following a series of meetings last week with the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) in Amman, Jordan has announced plans for the Kingdom's first uranium mine, taking the first steps in its much discussed nuclear energy program.According to Dr Khalid Touqan, president of the Jordan Nuclear Energy Commission (JNEC), Jordan will solicit bids for the design and construction of the mine by the end of the year.
The Rudd Government's rejection of nuclear power as a future electricity supply option for Australia and its opposition to Australian participation in US President Bush's Global Nuclear Energy Program (GNEP) are most welcome.
The GNEP is part of US president George Bush's "advanced energy initiative" and seeks to develop a worldwide consensus on enabling expanded use of economical, carbon-free nuclear energy to meet growing electricity demand.