GNERGreat North Eastern Railway (Britain)
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GNER passengers can also buy through tickets to Lille, Disneyland Resort Paris and 75 other Eurostar connecting destinations in France, plus any station in Belgium.
The GNER information kiosk and smartly-dressed staff tells passengers that there is really someone in control here.
A GNER spokeswoman declined to comment on the letter, insisting it was an issue for Mr Grayling and the Government.
But yesterday Virgin Trains and Stagecoach, which have formed a 50-50 joint venture to bid for the ECML franchise, announced that GNER would be partnering them in the competition for the deal to run the long distance route between London and Edinburgh.
Passengers and services on the East Coast Main Line will carry on as normal under a special deal struck between the Department for Transport and the GNER parent company.
Services will carry on under a deal struck between the Department of Transport and GNER.
A new franchisee is expected to be in place in 12-18 months time and until then GNER will operate the franchise on behalf of the DfT under a no-fee management agreement deal.
GNER, which runs the East Coast mainline service linking West Yorkshire with London, was recognised in the first-ever British Travel Awards.
GNER trains reportedly send and receive communications signals via a combination of a roof-mounted satellite dish and mobile phone antenna, using 3G and GPRS technology, and each coach along the train is then connected via the onboard wireless network.
A GNER spokesman said the problem arose because of a lack of tank emptying facilities at Heaton depot.
A Sunday newspaper reported that Bermuda-registered Sea Containers is hoping to raise pounds 200m by selling GNER, which runs services between London and Scotland.
Lisa said: 'We had paid for return tickets in advance and thought there wouldn't be a problem if we contacted GNER.