GNGGlobal Nomads Group
GNGGrowing Neural Gas
GNGGo No Go (marketing)
GNGGinga Nagareboshi Gin (Anime/Manga)
GngGinang (Filipino: Mrs.)
GNGGuru Nanak Gurdwara (UK)
GNGGirl's Not Grey (AFI song)
GNGGaseous Natural Gas
GNGGiulio Negrini Guitars
GNGGood Night Goon
GNGGame Night Games
GNGGlobal Network Group
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GNG created the awards in 2011 out of a deep commitment to recognize nonprofit organizations in Georgia and the difference they are making in Georgia's communities.
Customers on any GNG price plan may qualify for enrollment on the programme.
Polycom is providing video conferencing equipment, and has challenged corporations to match its $25,000 GNG grant.
GNG accepts donated cars, trucks and vans, and the most reliable vehicles are repaired and issued to low-income recipients.
Recognizing the DRC's challenges, GNG established a center to enable communication and inspire creative discussion between Congolese and North American youth as part of Students Rebuild.
These outstanding nonprofit organizations have different missions and goals, but the results are the same C they make a difference in the lives of Georgians," said Maurice Baker, manager of community relations at GNG.
For the past 15 years earlier to adhering Fast Line Futures, they were both principals of GNG Futures LLC, which was one of the most keen floor brokerage groups functioning at IHT Futures Asia.
GNG Sikh Temple have been kicked out of the Sunday League.
GNG Smethwick couldn't bridge a six division gap as Hands-worth GSOB went through 3-1.
This is the latest joint effort by GNG and Polycom, who have been working together for 14 years to connect tens of thousands of youths globally to discuss topics ranging from the war in Iraq to the natural habitat of the Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda, resulting in increased understanding and tolerance for the world's diverse cultures.
For 16 years, GNG has demonstrated its deep commitment to the people, nonprofit organizations and communities of Georgia.
Their midweek 4-1 victory against Marsh Lib, plus three points awarded to them from the abandoned match against GNG Sikh Temple, has put them within touching distance of the crown.