GNGWCGame and Game World Championship (Korean Information Technology Industry Promotion Agency)
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Meanwhile, the gamers who were invited to GNGWC Grand Finals experienced Korea'sinternational game festival, G-STAR 2009, and said, "Korean gamers' interest and passion in games are impressive.
The GNGWC 2008, which will be held in Ilsan on the upcoming 16, is expected to be a success as it will be filled with a various range of events.
GNGWC is a series of international online game contests meant to globalize Korean games.
KIPA has been using a Global Service Platform to support overseas marketing for Korean online games since 2004, and GNGWC is promoted through this platform.
For more information about the GNGWC, please visit the official KIPA website at http://www.
The international game contest, GNGWC, sponsored by KIPA, has been held for three years running in an effort to globalize online games produced in Korea.
GNGWC is the venue for finding out about the state-of-the-art online games developed by small and medium sized Korean game developers, and where developers can efficiently set up distribution channels for their products around the world.
These competitive pressures have made KIPA's GNGWC a critical venue for Korean game companies to prove the superiority of their products on the international stage.
KIPA and its official sponsor KT Corporation (CEO: Jungsu NAM) have set up base servers with full installations of their online infrastructures in six countries across the globe in order to support localization and marketing of the games for the GNGWC.
He submitted his scores for GNGWC and then placed second in the Los Angeles competition, earning a trip to Korea to compete for the title.
In addition to "Shot Online," the GNGWC competition includes Joymax's "Silk Road," a role-playing game, and Softnyx's "Gunbound," an action game.
The upcoming Grand Finals in Suwon, Korea will feature GNGWC Regional Finals winners from the Los Angeles competition as well as from those held in Germany, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.