GNHGross National Happiness (economics)
GNHGrand National Hydroplane (racing boat)
GNHGrey Nuns Hospital (Canada)
GNHGiving New Hampshire (philanthropic foundation)
GNHGross Night Hour
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The ERA and Chandra Herbert will deliver the laptops to GNH on February 20, 2015.
The point of GNH and HPI is to count economic success more by how people feel about their lives and circumstances, and less by measuring consumption (which is what GDP does, in effect).
GNH Agri director Robert Parry, who runs the business with wife Gwen, had no hesitation in handing the week-long trip to "legendary" salesman Dafydd Roberts, 70.
The GNH is based on four pillars - 1) sustainable socio-economic development by taping hydropower and setting up of industries to enrich national coffer; 2) protect environment, forests and rivers (Constitution prescribes 60 percent of nation's total 38,394 square kilometre area to be under forests); 3) cultural protection and promotion of the religious-rich people of the world's last Buddhist kingdom by protecting monasteries, promoting festivals and 4) good governance.
Chen said that he has asked the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics (DGBAS) to formulate GNH index, which will cover culture and living standard, in the hope of letting people have a sense of richness, both physically and psychologically.
Other international measures for GNH are physical, political and social wellness, which can be measured by the prevalence of the opposite - health by levels of disease and infant mortality rates; social progress by unemployment and a lack of equal opportunity; love by divorce and abuse; political wellness by corruption and so forth.
I went to Bhutan to understand better how GNH is being applied.
Every pillar and domain of GNH literally depends on good education," the prime minister said in a recently held annual conference of national teachers in the capital Thimphu.
Although difficult to calculate mathematically, all physical and policy development in Bhutan must pass the GNH test, to determine whether the results will make people happier.
Specifications GLORY CERTIS 1 Brand origin Japan Taiwan Type GNH 700 365/265 2 Dimension (WXDXH) 350x310x965 375x330x890 MM 3 Weight (Kg) 30 kg 49 kg 4 Hopper capacity 150 notes 200 sheets 5 Counting speed 1000,1500,2000, 100 / 4 seconds (pcs/second) 2 400 pcs/minute 6 Display Counting nb 4 Counting nb 5 digits digits Batch number 3 Batch number 3 digits digits 7 Shutter exists exists Countable Length : 90-185 Length :100- banknotes mm 200mm (size of money Width : 60-97 Width : 50-100 that could be mm mm counted) Thickness : 0.
The theme of the summit - "Towards a Green and Happy South Asia" - is an optimistic nod to Bhutan's home grown development philosophy of Gross National Happiness, or GNH.
Robert Parry of GNH Golf Cars, Caernarfon, supplied golf buggies to PEM for events organised on behalf of Ryder Cup Wales, in Harlech, Porthcawl and the Vale of Glamorgan and was owed over pounds 20,000.