GNHAGeorgia Nursing Home Association
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The goal of the survey was to identify knowledge gaps to help inform educational materials and scientific studies to be developed by the GNHA.
The GNHA would like to discuss limitations in the available cardiovascular clinical trials of fish oil.
Global challenges to optimal nutrition and health discussed by the GNHA included compromised food sources, lack of fortification systems lending to deficiencies among certain populations and resurgence of once obsolete vitamin and mineral deficiency-related illnesses.
Based on timely global issues related to diet, health and VMS use, the GNHA will collaborate with academia and industry to conduct clinical studies, publish peer-reviewed data, initiate educational campaigns, leverage digital and social media platforms and participate in symposia.
In an era when most citizens want less government interference, citizens' support of government funding for nursing homes is striking," said Fred Watson executive director of the GNHA.
According to the results of a statewide poll released today by the GNHA, without Medicaid assistance, most Georgians could not afford to pay the cost of nursing home care and most families would not be able to personally provide the type of 24-hour nursing care needed by these frail elderly.