GNISGeographic Names Information System (US Geological Survey)
GNISGeographic Names Information Service (USGS)
GNISGuangzhou Nanhu International School (China)
GNISGroupement National Interprofessionnel des Semences, Graines et Plants (French)
GNISGlobal NDT Internet Superhub (NASA JPL)
GNISGood News Internet Services Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)
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2006) se describe como integrar, en una geontologia implementada con clausulas del lenguaje Prolog, informacion extraida de WordNet, de los diccionarios geograficos GNS y GNIS, ademas de Wikipedia.
On how their money could grow that big and fast, what were the GNIS victims made to believe?
According to the GNIS frequently asked questions list, (4) people who want cave location information can request it through the Secretary of the Interior's office.
Nuclear facilities were also removed from the GNIS and the National Atlas of the United States.
The key is the Internet's ability to substantially reduce the 10% to 20% of communications costs that a GNIS spends to provide an on-line service, thereby lowering the barriers to market entry.
Assesses Internet's current and future role for GNIS
Pinpoints GNIS vendor opportunities that the commercial Internet supports
Forecasts 5-year revenues for GNIS applications and related support services
Defines 27 markets that currently make up the set of GNIS with special focus on data base services and transaction services
The announcement of Welsh Carson's intention to acquire Knight-Ridder's financial news service supports the investment group's challenge to existing GNIS market leaders.
GNIS (Groupement National Interprofessionnel seeds and plants) wishes to set up a TV studio in the Paris International Agricultural Show 2017.