GNMSGreater Nevada Mortgage Services
GNMSGnome Network Management System (network monitoring tool)
GNMSGood News Music Service (Christian performing arts)
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fabricated single- and few-layer graphene layers with a high density array of nanoholes, which they named graphene nanomesh (GNM) [91].
There are also other explanations for the substantially decreased [[kappa].sub.L] of GNM compared to pristine graphene.
The study also assessed the extent to which GNMs were aware that a woman should have her first postpartum checkup within a few hours or at best within two days of delivery and that a woman should have at least three postpartum check-ups.
The second scenario is now Etislalat is working with GNMS having one single MSP, covering three operations, and this is for cost reduction.
After GNMS was dropped, EDS hung in for two years before fleeing newspapers.
For example, the Government of India stock figure of 625,000 modern allopathic doctors in 2002 would provide an approximate estimate of 812,500 nurses and midwives in that year, and similarly, a stock figure of over 1.3 million of registered nursing personnel (GNM, ANM, and HV and HS together) in 2004.
Called "a very ambitious, long-running project" by Jim Pensiero, assistant managing editor in charge of the Unisys project, GNMS was a vast, integrated editorial prepress and communications network to manage news gathering and story development across multiple editions and publications for page output and for nonprint media, employing standard hardware and software components.
To the extent possible, GNMS will test, buy and integrate products, with EDS and Dow Jones collaborating to develop only those solutions not already available.
EDS is Dewar's newest authorized integrator and the GNMS project's prime contractor and systems integrator (E&P, April 23, pp.
An EDS manager who predicted that "it will be one of the largest front-end implementations ever" said GNMS "will basically change everything that currently supports the Wall Street Journal and Barron's [magazine]."
He said that while EDS has performed noneditorial work for newspaper companies, its capabilities with respect to implementing GNMS extend beyond newspapers to the entire publishing industry.