GNMSGreater Nevada Mortgage Services
GNMSGnome Network Management System (network monitoring tool)
GNMSGood News Music Service (Christian performing arts)
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At just about the time Dow Jones walked away from GNMS, EidosMedia's founders were outlining what would become Methode, imaging "the kind of multi-channel, multiple-media, global news operation that Dow Jones is planning today," EidosMedia Group President Angelo Grampa said when the contract was announced.
News in the new centuryIn terms of scope and functionality, Pensiero says the project is "in some ways trying to realize what GNMS went after in the mid-90s.
Given today's technology advances, publishing channels, and vendor choices, is Dow Jones in a better position for having had to wait, or would it now be making this sort of change even if GNMS had succeeded?
You don't know what would have happened" had GNMS worked out, Pensiero says.
Database and other third-party Dewar View-integrated software for GNMS testing were not specified.
In view of the scope and nature of the GNMS project, system selection reportedly was based on the product's architecture and flexibility, rather than solely on Dewar View functionality as a newspaper system.
Coston, the GNMS project manager at Dow Jones' News Systems Department, said that without the copyflow inherent in the design of systems from traditional front-end systems vendors, a customer must map out copyflow appropriate to its own organization.
Coston inherited GNMS last summer when project manager Paul Zazzera resigned (reportedly to join former Journal executive editor Norman Pearlstine's book publishing venture).
GNMS does not address pagination, which Dow Jones has been working on separately.
EDS already had been at work on GNMS for almost three months before the year-end agreement, having begun the project shortly after completing another systems integration project for Dow Jones' expanding electronic mail and office systems.
And much like the direction taken by EDS and the always-mentioned, seldom-specified potential of GNMS, Ickes said, ISSC is working with newspaper companies as content providers in the new electronic media.
Chapel, however, emphasized that at least for Dow Jones' GNMS, the project is being designed from the outset with the flexibility to accommodate change and new technology.