GNNTDCGlobal Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control (Sabin Vaccine Institute)
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We are excited to work with GNNTDC and we're confident that its comprehensive program and integrated approach of working with both local Ministries of Health and community-based organizations will generate sustainable results in both countries," added Mark Forshaw, Health Sector Manager at Geneva Global Inc.
GNNTDC Chairman and leading parasitologist Peter J.
Each of the GNNTDC partners has a successful track record of working with Ministries of Health and country partners in the administration of mass treatments for NTDs or in the development of new vaccines.
Among the strategies to be pursued by GNNTDC is a "rapid impact" drug package - a combination of safe, effective and low cost drugs that can be administered to populations affected by NTDs.
The GNNTDC will manage funds for the purchase of DEC and PZQ through the established World Health Organization procurement process.