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bo la sogs pa lkog gyur ma yin par bstan pa la gnod pa
zhugs kyi rjes dpag nyid kyis gnod pa med pa / dper na
stobs zhugs rjes dpag gis gnod pa med cing grub la /
sogs bkag pa la rjes dpag gis gnod pa med pa lta bu /
de ltar rjes dpag rnam pa gnyis kyis kyang gnod pa reed
13) alludes to a discussion of the epistemology of scripture as an agent able to invalidate (gnod byed) or obstruct (gegs byed) propositions in what he calls a forthcoming study of G.
kun rdzob la sgro 'dogs la gnod pas kun rdzob las gzhan 'jal ma yin.
chos nyid du rjes dpag gis nges pas gnod pas chos nyid yin pas phan tshun spang ma yin.
lung gis gnod pas sangs rgyas la kun nas nyon mongs dang rnam byang dus cig tu myed pas 'du byed dang stong pa nyid so sor gzigs pa myed.
Migcir hstiod pits gnod la sbyar ba pa 132.333, sgrub byed med none 312.242.