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Edwin Gnos of the Natural History Museum of Geneva for ferreting out the facts which probably underlie this puzzling (because unexplained) judgment.
Cultures of battlefield wounds at the time of injury primarily recover GPOs, but when infections develop, they are caused by GNOs [3-5].
191) Precisely how this statement can be reconciled with the much more critical approach taken by no fewer than five of his contributors, Gnos does not say.
Edwin Gnos of the University of Bern in Switzerland and his colleagues found that relative to other rocks from the moon, the stone contains high concentrations of uranium, thorium, and potassium.
Williams and Smith 1973; Coleman 1977; Searle and Malpas 1980) that lie a structural position below the ophiolite and above the underlying sedimentary and volcanic rocks (Gnos and Peter 1993).
Painting a relatively grim picture of the current global economy's prospects for growth and warning of the possibility of the industrialized world experiencing its own "lost decade" in their introduction, editors Gnos (U.
Gnos dug specimens, both on the mountain called Fedenstock, above the Fellital drainage, and at a site called Aeschenwald, near the village of Wiler, during the 1960's (Parker, 1973; Stalder et al., 1998), and in later decades, further clefts on the Fedenstock have produced gwindels of varying degress of smokiness (Stalder et al., 1998).
Symbols for rock forming minerals, American Mineralogist, 68, 277-279.Mahmood, K., Boudier, F., Gnos, E., MoniACopyright, P.,40 39Nicolas, A.
Gnos teaches at the University of Bourgogne, France.