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GNPGross National Product (total value of a nation's goods and services)
GNPGrand National Party (South Korea)
GNPGood Neighbor Pharmacy (various locations)
GNPGlacier National Park (USA)
GNPGrid Notification Protocol
GNPGateway Negotiation Protocol
GNPGorongosa National Park (Mozambique)
GNPGerontological Nurse Practitioner
GNPGeriatric Nurse Practitioner
GNPGonarezhou National Park (Zimbabwe)
GNPGood Neighbor Program (various organizations)
GNPGranule Neuron Precursor
GNPGround 'n Pound (fighting tactic)
GNPGeographic Number Portability
GNPGuanacaste National Park (Belize)
GNPGender-Neutral Pronoun
GNPGraduate Nurse Practitioner
GNPGlobal Negotiation Project
GNPGross National Parade (Washington, DC annual event)
GNPGuardia Nazionale Padana
GNPGoin Postal
GNPGreatest Number Principle
GNPGreat Network Product
GNPGood News Project
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Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are generally composed of several graphene monolayer sheets stacked together and they can be produced much more easily than graphene.
Figure 2 illustrates the genotype of the GNP structure.
Although the above-mentioned studies have examined properties of PET-GNP nanocomposites, only a few studies have characterized their properties after determining the minimum amount of GNP required for forming conductive pathways within the PET-GNP nanocomposites system.
* The social media advertising app Yelp!, which now features GNP and lists all GNP members, who receive preferred pricing on advertising and profile management.
GDP and GNP measure production of goods and services, whatever their nature.
The present study investigates whether 4 nm GNPs, not only as a carrier but also as a single agent, could induce an increase in cell death during PDT.
GNP is putting into place new technologies that allow for building managers to remotely provide access to a property for service providers, real estate agents and others, for a prescribed period of time as short as 30 minutes.
Alejandro Bailleres, CEO of GNP, said, 'Our customers who purchase our Linea Azul Internacional and Linea Azul VIP plans often have second homes in the U.S.
The antibacterial activity of biosynthesized GNP was determined against the pathogenic gram negative (Escherichia coli--ATCC 35218) and gram positive (Streptococcus mutans--MTCC 497) bacteria.
Opposition lawmakers have blocked GNP attempts to approve the deal since it sailed through the US Congress last month.
In the fall of 1942, Kuznets, Nathan, and May developed estimates of maximum 1943 defense spending by first calculating total output (GNP) and then determining the maximum share that could go for military production.