GNPAGhana National Procurement Agency (Accra, Ghana)
GNPAGood Neighbors Planning Alliance
GNPAGross Non-Performing Asset
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Powered by iam-sold, GNPA works in association with more than 75 high street branches.
Director of the GNPA, Jamie Cooke, added: "We are very pleased with the outcome of the auction event.
Powered by iam-sold and working in association with over 50 interlinked branches, the GNPA offers agents the opportunity to increase their revenue through additional property sales through the interest that the auction creates.
The next GNPA will take place on March 27 at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield.
Jordan Smith, area manager at GNPA, added: "The Great North Property Auctions offers a revolutionary new property auction service which allows our vendors to sell their properties quickly, for the maximum price without paying any agency fees.
The next GNPA event is on Tuesday, March 27 at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield.
Iam-sold director Jamie Cooke, pictured, said: "The first two GNPA auctions were fantastic successes with both having conversion rates in excess of 70%.
2 percent) to peak out by end of FY 2018, as against GNPAs of 9.
While the addition to fresh GNPAs may be moderating, limited resolution of these NPA accounts as reflected by lowest quarterly recoveries and upgrades during last five years and; the consequent ageing of the NPAs, the credit provisions has surged for the sector.