GNPLGoodlass Nerolac Paints Limited
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It explained that in getting the net NPLs, there are "specific allowances" for credit losses on the total loan portfolio of banks which are then deducted from the GNPLs.
In order to evaluate the performance of the PNHKM clustering method, we compare the performance of four different clustering methods: (a) PNHKM, (b) hierarchical K-means (HKM) [10], (c) parallel version of HKM (PHKM), and (d) GNPL based HKM (NHKM).
and print advertising campaigns," said Anuj Jain, vice president, sales and marketing, GNPL.
Even if not quite 'happily ever after,' this makes for a delightful state of affairs in the months to come for GNPL, Disney and the young Indian consumer.
While a lower GNPL ratio is being reported by U/KBs, the net NPL (NNPL) ratio has remained nearly constant.
Across economic activities, there is likewise a generally declining trend in the respective GNPL ratios.
The latest figure is consistent with the longer-term trend of a general decline in the amount of GNPLs.
GNPL manufactures cathodic electro deposition primer for Honda, TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto, the key motorcycle and scooter players in India.
GNPL has come out with an emulsion at the price of distemper to bridge a gap in customer needs.
In a novel mode of communication, GNPL even had the actor endorsing the brand by using it in one of his recent films, where he plays a retired middle class government servant.
In addition, GNPL is debottlenecking its plant in Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
ICI is the fourth largest paint company in India after APIL, GNPL and Berger Paints.