GNPPGroupement National de La Photographie Professionnelle (France)
GNPPGeorgia Network of Professional Petsitters
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For the post of the Speaker, the UPN, GNPP and PRP fielded Mr.
GNPP 4(3.9%) 39(16.4%) 0(0%) 43(9.5%) Total 103(100%) 238(100%) 109(100%) 450(100%) * Includes Lagos Source: Amadu, Kurfi.
The ruling parties at the time were the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), the Great Nigeria People's party (GNPP), the Unity party of Nigeria (UPN), the National People's Party (NPP) and the People's Republican Party (PRP).
Any money spent either by the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP) and the National Party of Nigeria (NP)N or any other party, including the Great Nigeria Peoples Party (GNPP) which had a lot of money to spend but for your logistics, was not bribes.
The five notable political parties during this period were: the Unity party of Nigeria (UPN), which was a reincarnate of the AG and led by Obafemi Awolowo; the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), which was a coalition of the rump of the defunct NPC and a faction of all the other former political parties; the Nnamdi Azikwe-led Nigerian People's Party (NPP), which grew out of the defunct NCNC; the Great Nigerian People's Party (GNPP) of Waziri Ibrahim; and the People's Redemption Party (PRP) led by Alhaji Aminu Kano.
--In section 2.a., on the model and methodology, it may be useful to mention urbanisation as an explanatory variable since it is being used in conjunction with GNPP and education.
But before then, I grew up in a family where our parents were Northern Elements Progrssive Union (NEPU) and then later Great Nigerian Peoples Party (GNPP), and then later NPP, UPN and so on, when the progressives came together.
In the Second Republic for example, Alhaji Abubakar Barde who became governor of the old Gongola State on the platform of the Great Nigeria Peoples' Party (GNPP) gave preference to the Tiv over the Jukun for not supporting him.
Saraki's dominance in NPN at that time, AlhajiAbdulrazaq opted for the GNPP of AlhajiWaziri Ibrahim in 1979.
At the Senate although he was an NPN Senator, he was more at home in company of notable UPN, NPP AND GNPP Senators including Senators Abraham Aderibigbe Adesanya, Mahmud Waziri, Patrick Emeka Echeruo, Kayode Ogunleye, Idrissa Kadi, Buka Sanda, Joseph Ansa, KunleOyero, Jonathan Olawole Akinremi Odebiyi, Cornelius Adebayo, Stephen Adebanji Akintoye and of course his friend, Senator Jaja Wachukwu (Aba).
Ukegbu, and Alhaji Aliyu Ibrahim, GNPP representatives.