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GNPSGalapagos National Park Service
GNPSGeorgia Native Plant Society
GNPSGreat Neck Public Schools (Long Island, New York)
GNPSGuangdong Nuclear Power Station (Hong Kong)
GNPSGeographic Names Processing System
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To graft alkyl chains to the neat GNPs, 0.3 g of the neat GNPs was added to an alkylamine/methanol solution (0.1 M, 50 mL) and the solution was stirred at room temperature for 4 h [9,35].
Figure 2 shows the experimental absorption and fluorescence emission spectra of the pure NLCs cell (without doping GNPs).
The light trapping of GNPs on the surface of the Si substrate during the MacEtch process enhanced the etching efficiency due to LSPR [22,23].
Conclusion: The results showed that GNPs have the ability to induce apoptosis in HeLa cells.
GNPs were prepared by the standard chemical reduction method of chloroauric acid (HAu[Cl.sub.4]) by sodium borohydride (NaB[H.sub.4]) at room temperature.
GNPs were used as received for untreated filled NR/EPDM nanocomposites blend and undergone facile approach of covalent treatment prior incorporation with rubber for NR/EPDM filled treated GNPs-ATPS blend preparation.
EDX profile shown in Figure 6(a) features strong Au signals from synthesized GNPs. The carbon and oxygen peak can be ascribed to the biomolecules present in the ECF and Cu peaks are due to the copper grids used in TEM analysis.
In addition to those benefits cited by ACHCA, GNPs can provide continuity of care through case management.
* A commitment by MSHC GNPs to careers in long-term care (Radosevich et al., 1990).
However, obtaining a nanodispersion of untreated GNP in a non-polar matrix by melt mixing remains a challenge [28-30].
We employed the in situ reduction method to synthesize GNPs and the "three colors" principle of Thomas Young; that is, "all colors are mixed by red (R), green (G), and blue (B) in different proportions." We further extracted the RGB data (i.e., fingerprints) from the as-synthesized GNP which is corresponding to a certain analyte and fed them into the Multi-Variate Statistical Package (MVSP) computing software [19].