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GNRGuns N' Roses
GNRGlobal Name Registry (.name TLD registrar)
GNRGuarda Nacional Republicana
GNRGreat Northern Railway
GNRGram-Negative Rods
GNRGalaxy News Radio (video game)
GNRGrupo Novo Rock (Portugal)
GNRGambia International Airlines (ICAO code)
GNRGenomics Nanotechnology and Robotics
GNRGeneral Nuclear Response
GNRGuns N'Rage (gaming clan)
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Despite Metro's inability to add the numbers up, ie GNR + SAFC, I was proud to get to the finish line for the 35th time.
Together with GNR, we'll be working closely with existing customers to ensure a smooth transition.
Caption: GNR is based on the CSI's Cement CO2 and Enemy Protocol, derived from the WBSCD and World Resources Institute's Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.
Their ability to emulate GNR has even impressed the original and new line-up of Guns N Roses.
3,4) GNR Traffic Light PNA FISH will enable microbiology labs to provide clinicians rapid, accurate Gram-negative pathogen identification results in hours, instead of days.
Obviously, we are delighted the IAAF have recognised that the Great North Run is one of the world's greatest mass participation races," said David Hart, the GNR media director.
At this stage our assumption is that the GNR is correct, although we were unable to confirm the name from local evidence.
It also means GNR will be more likely to secure "defensive" registrations from trademark holders that don't really need the domain but want to make sure nobody else can register it.
The estimated time of arrival for the album - which will feature the new GNR lineup of guitarist Robin Finch (formerly of Nine Inch Nails), one-time Replacements' bass player Tommy Stinson, drummer Josh Freeze and keyboardist Dizzy Reed - is now summer of '99.
Since the first WIT GNR and Woodstock were both held in 1969, we felt is was appropriate to celebrate with the theme of "WITStock" for WIT's 40th Anniversary GNR," Formanek said.
As a conclusion to GNR Million: RE:WORK David Almond and Tal Rosner will answer questions.
Darryl Jones of The Rolling Stones, Charley Drayton of the Divinyls and Dizzy Reed, also of GNR, complete the line-up.