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GNRHGonadotropin-Releasing Hormone
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Although the combination of an aromatase inhibitor plus a high-dose progestin or GnRH analogue may be effective, more data are needed before widely using the aromatase inhibitors in clinical practice.
The inclusion criteria were as follows: 18 years ≤ age ≤35 years; in the fresh cycle of ovulation-promoting; patients undergoing IVF-ET with GnRH antagonist protocol; previous ovulation-promoting cycles ≤2 times; normal uterus pattern in B-ultrasound or hysterosalpingography.
En trabajos en que aplicaron GnRH y 7 dias mas tarde PGF2[alfa], la tasa de deteccion de celo vario del 70 al 83% (7, 25, 26), resultados algo inferiores a los hallados en este trabajo.
While I certainly understand that it is easy to compare data regarding bone loss in the use of an oral antagonist, elagolix, with historical data with the GnRH agonist and note a lessening of bone loss in the elagolix patients, it would be interesting to compare bone loss in patients utilizing elagolix with bone loss in those treated with GnRH-agonist plus add-back therapy.
It was found that GnRH stimulated (p < 0.05) prolactin release in the explants from both saline- and LPS-treated ewes.
GnRH analoglarinin 1999 yilindan beri cerrahi oncesi leiomyom tedavisinde FDA onayi bulunmaktadir (20).
The patients in Group A received HMG and GnRH antagonist for COH, while those in group B received only HMG.
Premature activation of GnRH secretion causes early puberty including central precocious puberty (CPP) and premature thelarche (PT).
In its first decade, it did not gain popularity because it cannot work in GnRH agonist-based ovarian stimulation protocols.
The significantly higher conception rate in Group II was due to initiation of Ovsynch on 6th day of estrous cycle, which caused ovulation of dominant follicle of growth phase and formed accessory corpus luteum secreting higher progesterone concentration at the time of PG[F.sub.2[alpha]] injection leading to better probability to luteolysis and conception rate by better effectiveness of second GnRH of Ovsynch treatment (Martins et al, 2011).
GnRH neurons, which are scattered throughout the anterior region of hypothalamus and project to the median eminence (ME), release GnRH, the major neurohormone involved in vertebrate reproduction, as the final output signal in the process of vertebrate reproduction [29].