GNRSGrand National Roadster Show
GNRSGuru Nanak Religious Society (Columbus, Ohio)
GNRSGreat Northern Rotax Series (kart racing; Wisconsin)
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Descriptive statistics was used to represent the frequency of carbapenems GNRs isolated from clinical specimen and for their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern against different classes of antibiotics.
Herein, aptamer functionalized GNRs have been used for calorimetric detection of lysozyme.
In response to requests for GNRs, the defendant state will sometimes point to steps it has already taken to ensure non-repetition of the breach(es).
The high reaction activity of the surface in the crystal structure of GNRs allows multiple functionalizations including target ligands (e.g., peptides [12], folic acid [13], and antibodies [14]) and imaging agents (e.g., fluorescent, radionuclide, and contrast reagents) [15, 16].
demonstrated that the ZT of GNR can be increased by introducing nanopores to the basal plane of single layer or bilayer GNRs [97].
Absorption spectra of the GNRs were recorded on an ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrometer (UV-2600, Shimadzu, Japan).
Motivated by the outstanding properties of GNRs and wide band gap semiconductor, we put our emphasis on the Sn[O.sub.2] nanoribbons, which may obtain more excellent achievement.
#livelifetothemax " Number of GNRs I've taken part in: One.
Multiple drug resistance is a very serious and pervasive phenomenon in contemporary medicine and has arisen as one of the leading public health issues of the 2lst century.1 Emergence of antimicrobial resistance among Gram Negative Rods (GNRs) due to AmpC beta- lactamases are of accelerating, augmenting and increasing clinical concern since the late l970s.
Because of the binding, the GNRs scattered light differently than free nanorods or nanorods associated with normal cells, providing an optical means of distinguishing certain types of cancer cells.
The GNRS started in 1950 and is the longest-running indoor car show in the world, and the AMBR, a towering eight-foot- tall trophy, is considered the ultimate recognition for a roadster-style hot rod.
* White milk was the main driver of the overall dairy category decline, although we saw further strong growth for GNRS and drinking yogurt