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The darker areas of the inset of Figure 2, as indicated by the red arrows, suggest the presence of polymer on/around the GNTs. As expected, electron dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), also shown in Figure 2, demonstrated the presence of carbon, oxygen, and gadolinium for the PAA-GNT product.
The [r.sub.1] value for the PAA-GNTs was 150 [mM.sup.-1] x [s.sup.-1] which is comparable to the relaxivity value of GNTs reported previously [29].
Approximately [10.sup.14] [Gd.sup.3+] ions/cell were successfully taken up, which is a significantly higher concentration of [Gd.sup.3+] ions/cell than was previously taken up using Pluronic-wrapped GNTs ([10.sup.9] [Gd.sup.3+] ions/cell) [2].
GNTS, the 44-year-old school, is considered one of the biggest public schools in Eastern Samar.
In this introduction we draw from recent research on trust to demonstrate how it relates to emotions, risk, stewardship, LMX, agency, GNT, and TCE.
And GNTS, based in Texas, will be consulting from 66 offices scattered all over the globe.
To do so, we identify and discuss a class of assets we term generic nontradeables (GNTs) that are sticky, or specific to the firm in which they are developed, but at the same time are broadly applicable with similar effectiveness for a variety of purposes.
We call these sorts of assets GNTs. In this respect, it is important to differentiate GNTs from the assets described in cell 1 of Figure 1.
The analysis of GNTs is also actually common in the more general, non-Williamsonian version of TCE, namely internalization theory.
Family firms are therefore not the governance form of choice in external environments where any GNTs are expected to contribute comparatively more to efficiency than transaction-specific or product-domain-specific assets.