GNWTGovernment of the Northwest Territories (Canada)
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This 97-kilometre, two-lane gravel highway will replace the existing winter ice road to Whati and provide a more reliable all-season connection to the Territorial highway system as part of the GNWT's Infrastructure Plan.
In 1970, responsibility for adult education in the Arctic was transferred from DIAND in Ottawa to the GNWT in Yellowknife.
Further, negotiations toward concluding a socio-economic agreement with the GNWT are already well advanced."
In addition, the GNWT and DIL have also signed a certification agreement and an exclusive polar bear trademark licensing agreement for the iconic POLAR BEAR DIAMOND(TM).
Even though the NWT truck haul systems are inherently more efficient than the Alaskan small-haul version, the GNWT still subsidizes operation and maintenance costs to make rates more affordable.
Beverage distributors must be registered with the GNWT. These distributors collect deposits and processing fees from their retailers and remit these surcharges to a special fund known as the Environment Fund.
The latter can only be held by status Indians, Metis and Inuit in the Northwest Territories (GNWT 2001).
According to one Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) official who also served as a claims negotiator for an Aboriginal organization, "the spirit and intent of the claims was that the parties would nominate people to do the job according to their own best judgement, but that has not happened largely because of lack of trust." At the same time, Aboriginal organizations have been pleasantly surprised with some features of the boards; one long-time official of an NWT claimant group commented that "one important unanticipate d development was that the government appointees were not hard-line bureaucrats pushing the government's line, they were very independent.
The GNWT said that because the NEB-regulated TransCanada system had been merged with the Alberta-regulated NOVA system, the entire system is now an integral part of TCPL's federal pipeline undertaking and should come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government.
It will continue to depend on the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) to deliver programs and services it cannot immediately provide itself.