GNXGateway Network Exchange
GNXGrand National
GNXGrand National Experimental (General Motors)
GNXGlobal Net Exchange
GNXGrand National Extra (Buick)
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It's obvious from the photos that the GPS 175 and GNX 375 share the GTN design architecture and the easy way to describe them is as GTN navigators with the comm sections removed.
Garmin's brand new four-inch GNX 20/21 range includes monochrome and colour displays with LCD backlighting and are bonded to avoid condensation.
"Forty-five of the largest global retailers and suppliers are involved in this combined entity, creating an incredibly strong force for pushing forward key retail industry initiatives," says GNX chief executive officer Joe Laughlin, who will be chief executive officer of the as-yet-unnamed new company.
Sears discussed CPFR with GNX in more detail, focusing particularly on how the software could contribute to the company's current business success.
Beginning immediately, GNX retailers will access core product data from multiple manufacturers via the Transora Data Catalogue to synchronize with their own internal systems via GNX.
has announced the online availability of a new IBM 40 GNX 2.5 inch, 5400-RPM hard disk drive offered in 20 GB and 40 GB [Giga-Byte] capacities delivering advanced notebook performance to entry-level and mainstream users.
They have seen large corporations, like Wal-Mart, sit out the game even as rivals like Kroger and Carrefour banded together to work with retail exchange GNX. They have also seen blue-chip players put money into exchanges that failed or got acquired in waves of consolidation.
Elsewhere, the GlobalNetXchange (GNX), a retail industry e-marketplace, has rolled out its own collaboration suite with technology from supply chain software vendor, Manugistics.
Converge recently purchased NECX from VerticalNet; Global Healthcare Exchange acquired CentriMed from Internet Capital; and Transora and GlobalNetXchange (GNX) launched a "megahub," in which they have invited other major exchanges to participate.
The second step of McLaren's strategy is to become a niche-product maker, a reputation the company created in the 1980s when it built and certified high-output engines for the Buick GNX, Pontiac GTP and McLaren/ASC Mustang.
GlobalNetXchange (GNX), the retail industry's online supply marketplace, named Joseph Laughlin as CEO.
* 16-2021 Hostaperm Green GNX P/C (PG 7 Pthalo Green)