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GOAFGeneral of the Air Force (US DoD)
GOAFGift of Adoption Fund (Techny, IL)
GOAFGreater Ocala Advertising Federation
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This figure shows that the response value of high resistivity goaf is less than the response value of low resistivity goaf.
The coal gangue filled in the goaf is subject to mine water leaching and soaking or actions of other media.
It can be seen that vertical throw of surface mining-induced fissures near the beginning line reaches 3.8 m and connects ground surface with goaf under the condition of normal mining, which will cause serious damage to the surface ecological environment.
In the A zone, broken-down are IR and MR, and overlying bedrock is stratified, detached part of the roof bedrock is deformed according to the elastoplastic law, and gradually moves its weight onto the goaf. Thereby, the goaf bedrock are loaded, compacted, their thickness and permeability decrease.
However, due to the prohibition of utilizing the explosive device for rock breaking in the goaf of highly gassy mine, it is inappropriate to tackle the issue in this way.
Many of the quotes from miners and their families are peppered with words like goaf, kist, and lowse, and a Pitmatic dictionary is provided at the start of the book to help readers unfamiliar with the language.
Scorer Brown said: "In the first 20 minutes we struggled a bit to get into the game, so my goaf came at the right time.
Side, Newcastle upon Tyne (0191 232 2208) www.amber-online.com Until Jun 19, Goaf Simon Norfolk presents a series of images that trace the remains of the mining industry and show how whole industries were swept aside to be succeeded by new ones.
I'm reliably informed that consists of pronouncing golf as goaf and hounds as hindsOr perhaps it's the thought of all those mushy pea sandwiches or whatever else they assume anyone north of Norfolk consumes on days out.
EARTH 4 vexil MARS 12 demy emyd, 14 goaf, 17 jird, 20 glum, 22 wino PLUTO 19 hemin, 25 knots stonk tonks
The rock salt is then taken when cutting back and drops into the goaf as waste.