GOASGreater Ozarks Audubon Society (Missouri)
GOASGlobal Data Assimilation System
GOASGenetics Office Automation System (database management system)
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Von Bertalanffy growth parameters for male dusky rockfish from the NMFS GOAS were [L.
There was a significant difference detected in the slopes of the log-transformed weight-length data derived from the female dusky rockfish maturity sample when compared to female dusky rockfish caught in the NMFS GOAS accord ing to the Student's t-test (t = 4.
Reuter (1999) estimated growth parameters of dusky rockfish from the combined 1990-96 NMFS GOAS and commercial fisheries data and found no differences in growth between the three management regions, eastern GOA, central GOS, and western GOA, and no difference in growth between sexes with values of [L.
The differences in growth parameters between previous research and this study could be due to the combination of dark and dusky rockfish species in the commercial fishing data or due to the NMFS GOAS data, which were collected before 1996.