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But with two children trying Indian food in a restaurant for the second time (the first time was an unmitigated disaster), I had to ask for guidance on the milder dishes and chose three side orders, of miloni subzi handi, which is vegetables and paneer in a lightly spiced sauce' aloo gobhi, cauliflower and potatoes in a tomato sauce' and sambhar, a south Indian dish of vegetables and lentils, for us to share.
In Peshawar, different types of Pakora were being prepared like potato pakora, palak pakora, onion pakora, Gobhi pakora, which were attracting people from all ages including senior citizens, children, women and youth as special iftar item.
Therefore one of the Mezzotono musicians mentioned gobhi in the context of Pakistan.
His Nalli Nehari, Burrani Murgh and Dum Ki Biryani left me impressed ( though I attributed it to his training under Master Chef Ghulam Qureshi at Dum Pukht), but what got me talking was the Paneer Lavang Latika followed by the Gobhi Qaliyan.
From the aloo gobhi to the fish tikka and dahi meat, there was nothing that couldn't be called excellent.
(mg) Chapati Thin flatbread 3-4 pieces 27 Plain Parantha Flatbread without any filling 3 medium 27 Aloo Parantha Potato-stuffed flatbread 3 medium 54 Matar ka Parantha Flatbread with spicy pea stuffing 3 medium 85 Gobhi ka Parantha Cauliflower-stuffed flatbread 3 medium 65 Mooli Parantha White radish-stuffed flatbread 3 medium 79 Dal ka Parantha Flatbread with filling of Bengal gram 3 medium 79 Pyaaz our mirch ka Flatbread with parantha onion & green chili stuffing 3 medium 66 Poori Deep-fried unleavened bread 4-5 small 20 Palak poori Poori of dough made with pureed spinach 4-5 small 70 Tamarind Rice Tangy flavored rice from Southern India 1 bowl 53 Vangi Bhat Rice with eggplant 1 bowl 77 Mixed Vegetable Pulao 1 bowl 85 Plain Kichdi Mixture of rice and lentils 1 sm.
The golden gospel truth of those times was that even though girls grabbled with goody subjects for graduation, they eventually learnt how to cook gourmet meals and without as much as a growl, gave the career graph a gouge for a lifetime of making gobhi aloo and gajjar ka halwa.
"Hot mezzeh" were then served in the form of vegetable samosas, onion pakora, paneer tikka and tandoori gobhi (cauliflower).
The rice would be flavoured with fresh jasmine, the gobhi narangi would be redolent of the aroma of orange blossoms, kebabs would have betel leaves as filling, mutton korma would acquire a different taste with musk melon and vegetables would be dum- cooked in buttermilk.