GOBOSHGo Big or Stay Home
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Other brands were at such low sample size, trends have to be taken with some skepticism, but the Gobosh and SportCruiser held up about as well as the best LSAs with complaints about parts availability and the overall cost of repairs.
Walking away from the Gobosh 700S we kept thinking, "Somebody really thought this airplane through." The Gobosh excels in clever details: the dipstick on the fuel cap for easy reading, a control to let air out of the bubble canopy to control ventilation in flight, a self-locking toe-bar, emergency canopy release pins, a cockpit control for the oil cooler (the Rotax 912 oil must reach 120 degrees before you can run up) ...
AIRCRAFT BASE PRICE/LOADED TAKEOFF/LANDING CABIN USEFUL WIDTH LOAD/BAGGAGE FLIGHT $124,800*/$134,695** 820 FT/380 FT 49 IN 550 LBS/110 DESIGN LBS CT-LS GOBOSH $109,900/$129,900 380 FT/665 FT 41 IN 500 LBS/66 700S LBS JABIRU $104,900/$128,835 700 FT/640 FT 44 IN 520 LBS/260 230 LBS REMOS GX $116,500/$142,300** 510 FT/760 FT 46.7 IN 650 LBS/66 LBS TECNAM $112,900/$153.200*** 460 FT/394 FT 43 IN 580 LBS/44 SIERRA LBS AIRCRAFT FUEL [+] HITS [-] MISSES FLIGHT 34 Comfort, Ergonomics, Heavy controls, Uneven DESIGN GAL Visibility, Seat heating, Trim control CT-LS adjustments, Baggage, wheels too recessed.