GOCNGospel and Our Culture Network
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With the work of the GOCN in North America in the 1990s, discussion of the relationship between missiology and ecclesiology was picked up again, eventually leading to publication of the multiauthored work Missional Church (1998).
Nowhere in the publications by the GOCN is the mission of God related to the world independently of the church.
The church is often emphasized as a contrast community in publications by the GOCN.
In continuation of this, the aim of the GOCN was "to stimulate and assist the Church's witness in and to Western culture, with a view to transforming the basic premises of that culture in the light of the reality of Jesus Christ.
Douglas John Hall, a contributor to GOCN publications, opens The End of Christendom and the Future of Christianity (1997) by dividing church history into three eras: pre-Christendom, Christendom, and post-Christendom.
In order to depict the character and trajectory of the GOCN in North America, and in the course of that to give some indication of how we read our context and what we discern our vocation of the moment to be, I will describe something of the basic vision we have been following and the ground from which it arises.