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GOCRGovernment of Costa Rica
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Tesseract also compared favorably with GOCR in the garbled category where its numbers were lower than those of GOCR.
The AVG column indicates that Tesseract was slower than GOCR on the sample of images.
However, various obstacles still exist that prevent the GOCR from effectively investigating and prosecuting money laundering crimes.
The GOCR reports that Costa Rican attorneys oftentimes conduct large cash purchases of real estate on behalf of persons located in the United States.
The GOCR is authorized by the Legislative Assembly to borrow another US$450 million in 2003 and US$250 million in 2004;
The GOCR also seized 206,760 doses of crack cocaine, 92.
It is unclear whether the GOCR will assist other countries in obtaining non-conviction-based forfeiture since, until 2009, its domestic laws only provided for conviction-based forfeiture.
The GOCR also seized over 175,805 doses of crack cocaine (up from 157,234 in 2008), 10 kilograms of heroin, nearly 700 kilograms of processed marijuana (down from 4.
In addition, the GOCR should ratify the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and UN Convention against Corruption.
While no methamphetamine laboratories were detected in 2007, the GOCR has been active in trying to verify the identity of chemical precursor importers to ensure legitimacy.
By comparison, in 2005 the GOCR seized $850,000 in assets.
No senior official of the GOCR engages in, encourages, or facilitates the illicit production or distribution of such drugs, or the laundering of proceeds from illegal drug transactions.