GODAEGlobal Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
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The diagram summarizes the GODAE OceanView collaborative network role in enhancing the output, impact, and relevance of participating agencies/groups in operational oceanography.
The core objectives of the GOV Science Team (GODAE OceanView Science Team 2014) are
GOV has already embarked on this route through specific task teams for biogeochemical/ ecological and coupled ocean-atmosphere-wave analysis and forecasting (GODAE OceanView Science Team 2014).
Based on the recently released GODAE OceanView Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (GODAE Ocean View Science Team 2014), the analysis and forecasting systems developed by GOV partners are open to further input from the research community, and contribute back to the research community by providing vetted ocean information products of past, present, and near-future states of the ocean.
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