GODRGovernment of the Dominican Republic
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In 1985, the USG and the GODR signed an agreement on international narcotics control cooperation.
These include diplomatic notes and formal legal assistance requests between "Central Authorities" related to the multilateral law enforcement cooperation treaties and conventions to which the USG and the GODR are parties.
The United States continues to encourage the GODR to sign and ratify the Inter-American Convention on Mutual Assistance in criminal matters, and to sign related money laundering conventions.
The GODR should not establish International Financial Zones, which will greatly increase the risk of all-source money laundering.
The GODR also participated in the Cooperating Nations Information Exchange System (CNIES) agreement, which allows it to receive information on suspected aerial and maritime drug trafficking.
Interdiction capabilities were expanded in December when President Fernandez received the first two of eight Super Tucano aircraft that the GODR purchased from Brazil in order to combat illicit air-trafficking from South America.
As a matter of policy, the GODR does not encourage or facilitate the illicit production, processing or distribution of narcotics, psychotropic drugs, and other controlled substances, nor does it contribute to drug-related money laundering.
To update its anti-money laundering legislation in line with international standards, the GODR passed Law No.
The UAF anticipates applying for Egmont membership once a full transition of FIU functions and responsibilities are complete and the GODR has formally criminalized terrorist financing, as the criminalization of terrorist financing is now a requirement for all new members of the Egmont Group.