GOEAGolden Eagle (bird species Aquila chrysaetos)
GOEAGovernment Office for European Affairs (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
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We are delighted to welcome the Goeas brothers Larry and Leo as the first advisors to join the Raymond James employee channel in Hawaii," said Rick Sanchez, West Coast regional director for Raymond James & Associates, in a statement.
But we are looking to see if there are a handful you can peel off," Goeas said.
In 2004, the Republicans lost that group by 11 percentage points, Goeas said.
In addition to campaign work for his own party, Goeas works closely with Democratic pollster Celinda Lake on the nationally recognized "Battledground" poll.
Pollsters such as Goeas argue that a distinction should be made between the media's use of polls and how candidates and issue groups use survey data.
It is in the nexus between the values squeeze and the paycheck squeeze that Goeas sees glitter, accompanied by the country lyric "sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Goeas III, Health Care: The Issue for the Nineties, 10 Yale L.
We've been talking about who is the most or who is the least conservative," Republican pollster Ed Goeas of The Tarrance Group, who helped conduct the bipartisan poll, said.
According to a survey conducted by Republican pollster Ed Goeas and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, the ranks of "fed up with both parties" voters nationally number 23 percent of the electorate.