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GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOESGrain Oriented Electrical Steel (large power transformers)
GOESGeostationary Environmental Satellite System (US NASA)
GOESGlobal Online Enrollment System (US Customs & Border Protection)
GOESGeosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite
GOESGeosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellite
GOESGlobal Omnibus Environmental Survey
GOESGN&C Orbital Environment Simulation
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The customer wait time goes down dramatically because it's a real-time as opposed to a batch-mode system.
It goes 70 miles an hour, so you're not going to streak across the country to get from one crisis to another.
As those ideas come together and we have a critique and then the design goes forward.
It's about the future, where the operative words that Jesus says to the women and to the apostles is, "It is as I said it would be," and the angel said it just right: "He goes before you, even as he said." He's always ahead of us, and we have to catch up.
If Jesus is risen, then you and I must go on following into all those godforsaken places where only one sent by Jesus ever goes. If Jesus is risen, you and I can't stop at the baptismal font and say, "Enough.
While the air is in contact with the metal panel, it is heated, thereby allowing the plant to reduce the amount of energy that is required to heat the cold air outside by preheating the air before it goes into the building.
Reinhardt: As far as health care delivery itself goes, the system is much better than it was ten years ago.
But definitely we can say the longer the situation goes on, with all the uncertainty, the more clouded the state's outlook becomes."
And as far as film goes, I want to do something different now.
People are sort of locked into gas, and when its price goes up, they can't substitute anything for it.