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Furthermore, even if the United States decided to impose extraterritorial regulations on its corporations (and its actions were not prohibited under international law), GOFA runs the risk of imposing American views of free speech on the rest of the world.
GOFA requires the President of the United States to determine which countries are "Internet-restricting," but it does not set out any substantive means of making this determination.
273) GOFA would also establish a new agency, the Office of Global
Furthermore, the GOFA also recognizes the importance of doing business in China.
The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2011, after which GOFA will join Chart's distribution and storage (D&S) business segment.
And Drakos and Gofas (2006: 715) contend that underreporting biases from press censorship have confounded our studies of where attacks occur.
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The spatial distribution patterns of bivalve species considered to be nonindigenous, such as the subtropical pearl oyster Pinctada radiata Leach 1814, have to be monitored, especially in the context of the eastern Mediterranean warming (Galil 2000, Galil & Zenetos 2002, Gofas & Zenetos 2003, Streftaris et al.