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GOFAIGood Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence
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In contrast to GOFAI, ML systems generally operate in numerical rather than symbolic ways, performing statistical inference from large datasets using an iterative optimization procedure that produces effects akin to human learning.
If you're worried about omniscient computers, you should read Levesque on the subject of GOFAI. Computer scientists have still not answered fundamental questions that occupied McCarthy and Minsky.
However, despite huge difficulties in practical implementation of GOFAI, rapid improvement of technical parameters of computers has led to the opinion that soon a computer civilization may emerge on our planet [8], [9], [10].
It is features such as these that may carry some of these systems beyond what Wiggins refers to as GOFAI.
The subroutines and variables available in GOFAI systems make it relatively easy to nest solutions of sub-problems within solutions to larger problems.
Kishor Gofai can't keep the cash - but he CAN have any profits he makes from playing the Stock Exchange for a day, using the pounds 1million as stake money.
It will not have escaped the attentive reader that this is essentially the programme of 20th century GOFAI; please see my 2003 book.
Much of what philosophers write about consciousness and the mind-body problem shows their ignorance of AI, and many silly debates between factions in AI (for example, about representations, use of symbols, GOFAI) and some fashions (for example, recent enthusiasm for "emotions") result from doing poor philosophical analysis.
According to Wheeler's understanding of the field's history, this revolutionary twist has been emerging over the last few years as a response to orthodox cognitive science--basically, GOFAI (1) and connectionism, that is, "most cognitive science as we know it" (idem).
In contrast, the new approach is ready to do both: subsume GOFAI by allowing it an authoritative place in offline phenomena research (Wheeler 2005, p.
Thus, there is a feeling that after more than 50 years of AI research, (1) it is time to go back to the Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence (GOFAI).
Times have changed though, and the new GOFAI cannot stick with so-called traditional software.