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GOFERGive Oil for Energy Recovery (used motor oil collection; Santee Cooper; South Carolina)
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However a 3-1 win for Herrault over Gofer in the deciding singles meant that the British/ Israeli partnership had to be content with bronze.
The gofer revealed that Richards heard about the affair and it was threatening a rift between him and Jagger, which could have broken up the Stones.
Why had the Indian gofer put up WS Laxman to talk to us, a batsman who stood at slip throughout the day, barely touching the ball?
Born into a middle-class family in 1947, Shiro got off to a conventional start, graduating from university and becoming a "salary many His yearning to fit in with corporate culture was overpowering but short-lived: "A sudden and unmitigated desire to absent myself from work would be accompanied by some psychosomatic disorder, which made me feel physically out of sorts" The process repeated itself in office after office, until, in 1987, he joined the ranks of the least skilled, working on cleaning crews and as a gofer on construction sites.
The station continues to head toward more of a tired rock sound, going so far as to tap long time KSHE (94.7 FM) personality Al Hofer ("The guy the ladies gofer") as music director.
Fulham's liaison officer ( the posh title for a gofer ( was phoned up by Goma who asked anxiously why his goldfish was swimming in the wrong direction!
They fill a wide variety of roles such as proofreader, short order cook, sounding board, security or gatekeeper, gofer, counselor or psychologist, and stress buster.
How did he go from black-hearted slum landlord to soft-headed Mitchell gofer? And what happened to his flats?
I hung around the two black newspapers in Jackson [Mississippi]--The Jackson Advocate and the Mississippi Enterprise." Bennett was a newsboy and gofer for journalists.
A wide range of Raymond electric lift trucks are available that deliver excellent results in manufacturing environments, including Sideloaders, Four-directional trucks (4-D[R]), Reach-Fork[R] trucks, counterbalanced trucks, EASi[TM] and Gofer'[TM] Orderpicker trucks, Swing-Reach[R] trucks, and pallet trucks.
Zeev Gofer has been named corporate vice president for marketing and business development of Elbit Systems, in Haifa, Israel.
A present-day Armenian- Canadian man searches for identity, and the meaning of his terrorist father's death, as he works as a gofer on a movie set about the past horrors of a "forgotten" Armenian genocide.